Centerplate In The Community:

Partnership with Vancouver’s United We Can

Centerplate management generously committed 100% of the deposit value to United We Can and has become the organization’s single largest contributor.

Sustainability isn’t simply an environmental value, but an economic and community goal as well.

This commitment is reflected in the Convention Centre’s Service Standards to be “a role model both at work and in the greater community.” Among it’s industry-leading programs, the Centerplate team runs an all-scratch kitchen, composts organic waste, and targets a zero-landfill goal annually for the LEED Platinum Convention Centre.

Seeing an opportunity to do more for the community, Centerplate and the Convention Centre extended the sustainability program to meet the dual goals of environmental and economic stewardship through a program parternship with United We Can.

"This is a demonstration of how working together, one bottole or can at a time we can rebuild the lives and the spaces in our community and have a better economic relationship all the way around"

Ken Loyier, founder of United We Can

United We Can combines a 100% diversion recycling program with job training opportunities for people with multiple barriers to traditional employment, many living in extreme poverty and often homeless.

All of the convention Centre’s recyclables–more than half a million containers–are donated to United We Can to be sorted and returned for deposit by United We Can participants.

That translates to an average of more than $25,000 annually, which helps to fund improvement projects, addiction and counseling services, local food banks, and urban renewal projects–and employs 120 people from the target community of Downtown Eastside who have multiple barriers to employment