Fan “Football” Favo(u)rites

Gameday Grub on Either Side of the Atlantic

From Football to “Football,” and award-winning fries to award-winning fries, when Centerplate and The Lindley Group joined forces this spring to form a global hospitality company serving fans across the Atlantic, talk inevitably turned to similarities and differences between our fans.We decided to do a survey to highlight some of the attitudes and behaviors of fans at the stadium to watch both types of “Football.” We quizzed the most passionate fans on everything from wardrobe to snacks to see what tops the list for game days. Our infographic puts BPL fans and NFL fans head-to-head on some key points.

Some of the findings:

  • Pre-game rituals vary: in the U.S., NFL fans prefer tailgating while BPL fans in the U.K. hit the pub before kick-off.
  • More NFL fans than BPL fans eat at games—that’s partly because of the way games are structured, with most transactions in BPL venues taking place at halftime.
  • Singing is just part of the game at BPL venues, compared with NFL fans.

[Download the complete infographic]

The deal between Centerplate and The Lindley Group, individually recognized as industry leaders in guest-focused, locally-inspired hospitality and strategic design services for each of their respective markets, creates a global leader in event hospitality. Jointly, the new company will continue to provide food, beverage and merchandise services to more than 115 million guests annually, at many of the world’s most successful and iconic sporting facilities, convention centers and attractions in North America and the U.K.