Centerplate is proud to create bespoke hospitality experiences for premier events and gathering places across the United Kingdom.

For all of our guests, across all the venues we serve, Centerplate remains committed to a single purpose:

Making it better to be there®

Our unique approach to hospitality makes the time people spend together more enjoyable, and more valuable.

For more than 85 years, we have been welcoming people to the moments that matter with award-winning hospitality, exceptional service, and one-of-a-kind guest experiences.


Fine Dining and Catering

World-class Experiences

Our catering and culinary teams specialise in creating memorable, creative, and delicious experiences for guests. From world movie premieres to intimate weddings—and everything in between—Centerplate provides world-class events and extraordinary local flavour.

Retail Food and Beverage

Free-standing and In-venue Destinations

On the concourse at halftime or taking a break from a conference, Centerplate provides a range of quick service food and beverage made to order, marché-style eateries, permanent stands and kiosks, or convenient pre-made grab-and-go storefronts, expertly branded and maximized for efficiency, so guests can always find a favourite nosh.

Matchday Hospitality

Suite and Club Levels

Exclusive hospitality and enhanced offerings take the visitor experience to the next level for our elite clientele. Custom menus, craft cocktails, night club atmospheres, fine dining… create a destination-within-a-destination for a completely unique premium entertainment experience.

Cafes and Restaurants

Design, Branding and Operation

We specialise in the redevelopment and enhancement of cafés and restaurants within our clients’ properties. This involves anything from a refreshing facelift to a full refurbishment, rebranding and re-launching the outlet as a destination in its own right.

Event Sales

Sales & Marketing

As hosts to millions of premier events each year, our event professionals take a lead role in attracting major events and bookings across our network of premium venue partners. We have specialists to activate a presence in any market, and the ability to support our clients’ efforts in outreach and brand-building.

Consulting and Facility Design

Research, Design & Build, Capital Planning

A lot goes into making the time people spend together better. That is why we offer complete analytics and insights, planning and design support, and even concept development and branding for clients looking to craft new hospitality initiatives or benchmark existing ones—all backed by the data and experience of our global hospitality brand.

Making A Difference


At Centerplate, we strive to be a positive force in our communities

We seek new opportunities to support local agriculture and small businesses, raise funds for worthy social causes, actively manage the environmental impact of our business, and train our fellow citizens for success.

Our operations have contributed to the success of our British partners and communities for more than 40 years, and our Corporate Social Responsibility programs underscore our commitment to do good while being great at what we do.

  • Community Involvement
  • Health and Wellness
  • Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives
  • Personal Development



Working in partnership with community trusts, we emphasise local communities, schools and sports clubs with the aim of making a difference, by educating and helping people to reach or exceed their potential—from providing catering and work experience to hosting community workshops and training programmes.

Health & Wellness

Beyond offering healthy alternatives in venues, we actively promote exercise and healthy diet through working with clients in community programmes; this helps people to learn how to cook affordable, tasty and healthy food.

Sustainability & Environmental Initiatives

We aim to minimise our environmental footprint through responsible purchasing, sustainable waste management, use of innovation and technology to reduce energy consumption, water consumption awareness, ensuring a healthy working environment, reducing transport and food miles wherever possible.

Growth and Development

As hospitality providers, we believe in the power of people to make a difference in the world. That’s why we invest in our team members through development, embrace diversity and equal opportunities, and emphasise employee engagement as a valuable component in advancing our business.